From Dad to Daughter


Dear Nikita,

I can’t believe that February 17 you will be 25 years old. You have had me wrapped around your finger since the day you were born. I turn around and you are a successful and beautiful woman with all that life has to offer at her finger tips.

Everything that you have earned has been the result of nothing other then your hard work, sweat, tears and long nights of studying. I am so very, very proud of you as a person. I am truly blessed to be your dad.

I am not the perfect father. I have made more then my share of mistakes. I wasn’t mature enough or prepared for the toughest and yet most satisfying job in the world, being a good dad. You didn’t come with a manual and I didn’t have anyone to set a good example for me to follow.

You are an inspiration to every person who is lucky enough to meet you. As Naomi gets older, she continues to tell me how much she wants to be like her big sister. I know she has made a wise choice when she chose you as one of her role models.

I love you unconditionally and I know that you feel the same way towards me. Thank you for that love. It is the best gift a dad can get.

As you continue on with your life, I hope and pray that all your dreams come true. You have so much to offer this world. Don’t ever settle for the path of least resistance. You never have and I know you never will.

Love you,


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